Ear Training Series - Volume 2




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Product Code: EAR2
Author: Elvo S. D'Amante
Publisher: Encore Music Publishing Company
ISBN-13: 978-0962094132
ISBN-10: 0962094137

by Elvo S. D'Amante. This three volume 11-CD course trains musicians to identify, play and sing various scales, intervals, and chords.

Volume 2: Twelve Basic Interval Sounds to Master. Book/5 CDs. Defines intervals (Ascending & Descending Melodic Intervals, Harmonic Intervals, The Diatonic Major-Key Signature, Simple & Compound Intervals, Chromatic Intervals, Interval Inversion, Interval Grouping, etc...) Includes over 360 minutes of CD lessons, studies, and drills.

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