Aebersold Play-a-long "Bebop Shop" Pak

Price: $67.65
Product Code: JABOP


6 CDs and 4 high-quality bound books with parts for all instruments.

Bebop gave birth to modern jazz. All of the jazz legends who followed were thoroughly immersed in the Bebop tradition, rich with some of the greatest innovators and geniuses American music has ever known. Here is your chance to play some of Bop's more popular repertoire with some of the greatest rhythm sections ever assembled. Includes Vol. 6 "All Bird", Vol. 36 "Bebop and Beyond, Vol. 99 "Tadd Dameron", and Vol. 121 "Phil Woods."


  • Billie's Bounce
  • Confirmation
  • Cool Aid
  • Dewey Square
  • Donna Lee
  • Drifting
  • Dutch Morning
  • Eddie's Blues
  • Freight Trane
  • Good Bait
  • Hipster
  • Hot House
  • House Of Chan
  • I Mean You
  • If You Could See Me Now
  • Johnny Hodges
  • Lady J
  • Ladybird (2 versions)
  • Lew Blew
  • Mating Call
  • My Little Suede Shoes
  • Now's The Time
  • On A Misty Night
  • Ornithology
  • Our Delight
  • Ray's Idea
  • Robbin's Nest
  • Ruby My Dear
  • Samba Dubois
  • Scrapple From The Apple
  • Soultrane
  • Sugan
  • Super Jet
  • Tadd's Delight
  • The Scene Is Clean
  • The Squire's Parlor
  • The Stanley Stomper
  • Theme For Ernie
  • Thriving From A Riff (Anthropology)
  • Waltz For A Lovely Wife
  • Without You
  • Yardbird Suite
  • You're A Joy

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