Just Friends - Big Band Arrangement




Product Code: JLP-8002
Author: Arranged and recorded by Rob McConnell
Publisher: Jazz Line Publications
Publisher SKU: JLP-8002

br> Here's Rob McConnell's tour de force arrangement of Just Friends from his 1981 album 'Big Band Jazz, Vol. 1' on Pausa Records. We have used the original manuscript to generate this arrangement - it is not a transcription. This brisk arrangement moves along at 224 bpm and is really designed for the cream of the professional bands. In addition to the tempo, there is a long sax soli and ensemble sections without the rhythm section. The chart features solos for tenor saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and alto saxophone. The ranges are very high for trumpet and trombone (see below). Lastly, it is scored for 5 trumpets and 5 trombones; however, the chart can be played with 4 trumpets and 4 trombones (5/5/5/4).

# Trumpet 1: to G6 (4 ledger lines above staff)
# Trumpet 2: to E6 (3 lines above staff)
# Trumpet 3: to B5
# Trumpet 4: to B5
# All Trombones: to C5 (4 ledger lines)


1. 2 Alto Saxophones
2. 2 Tenor Saxophones
3. 1 Baritone Saxophone
4. 5 Trumpets (5th Optional)
5. 5 Trombones (5th Optional)
6. Guitar
7. Piano
8. Bass
9. Drums

Swing - Difficult level


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