Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder (Ivory)

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Format: Hardware
Product Code: YRS-24B

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Yamaha 20-Series three-piece C-soprano recorder, with Baroque-English fingering. Ivory recorder; features double holes for low C & C#, and low D & D#. Includes a drawstring tan cloth bag; and a fingering chart. This recorder is approximately 12.75" long.

Players of all levels will enjoy the precise, uniform intonation of the 20 series recorders. This recorder, made of ABS resin, combine outstanding Yamaha quality with durability for the ultimate in a lightweight recorder. Ease of play makes the 20 series the perfect place to start. The Baroque-English fingering uses the slightly harder "forked" fingering for F, but it leads to a wider choice of music since most recorder music is written for the Baroque-English fingering. A three-piece recorder has several advantages: some people find three-piece recorders easier to clean; small adjustments for ease of fingering or intonation can be made to the foot joint; and if you have a group of children who like to play their recorders when they should be listening, you can have them take off the head joint to practice fingerings without making any noise.

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