Composing Blues for Jazz Performance






Product Code: CBJP
Author: John Stein

Learn to write Blues tunes that showcase your strengths as a musician and express yourself in a variety of Blues genres.

Blues provides an endlessly fascinating vehicle for improvisation and Blues can be approached stylistically in many ways. Blues underlies much popular music and is a foundational skill for jazz musicians.

The book features 11 of John's compositions and all the musical examples in the book are included on the accompanying CD.

The lessons in this book were originally published in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.

John Stein is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

"In Composing Tunes For Jazz Performance, Stein covers many techniques and thoroughly explains them. Techniques such as forms, intros/endings, scales, modal concepts, and rhythmic varieties are covered in detail. Composing Blues For Jazz Performance is similar in that various techniques are explored that aid composers in writing Blues Songs. Forms, harmonies, scales and tonality are examples of some of the elements covered in this book. Both books are excellent resources for anyone wanting to gain more insight into composing. The recordings on the CDs are superb and are very useful." - Brandon Bernstein, Just Jazz Guitar

"What makes Stein's books stand out among the crowd: each and every tune is fun to play. They are not studies written solely for the book, but are intended to be performed. Readers can learn any of these pieces and, while furthering their knowledge and skill set, add these tunes to their set lists and jam repertoire." - Dr. Matt Warnock, Guitar International


Half-Whole Blues
Booga Lou
Eleanor's Folly
Bb Blues
Be Ooo Ba
Green Street