A Modern Approach to Improvisation - Volume 1: Alex Sipiagin






Product Code: MAI
Author: Eric Siereveld
Publisher: Bugles Media Group, LLC
Series: A Modern Approach To Improvisation
ISBN-13: 9781490476872
ISBN-10: 1490476873
Instrumentation: Trumpet/Flugelhorn

A Modern Approach to Improvisation is a book series that explores the improvisational styles of some of today’s top jazz musicians. The concept behind these books, is to get an in depth sense of each musicians approach to jazz and improvising on the blues, standards, and their own music. Each volume includes a biography, an interview, harmonic and rhythmic analysis, 18-20 transcriptions, and a foreword by a legendary jazz musician.

"This is a well-researched and important study via transcription and analysis of the style of Alex Sipiagin, an important voice in contemporary jazz trumpet playing. I highly recommend this book for any serious jazz musician." - David N. Baker, Distinguished Professor of Music and Chair, Jazz Department Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

Includes biography of Alex Sipiagin, an interview with him, analysis of his harmonic and rhythmic concepts, and transcriptions of 17 tunes.