Talking Clarinet: An Introduction to Klezmer Improvisation

Edition with CD - mp3 CD included

Edition with CD - mp3 CD included




Product Code: TCL
Author: Helmut Eisel
Publisher: Advance Music
ISBN-13: 978-3-9548101-6-1
Publisher SKU: ADV 14284
Instrumentation: Clarinet

Helmut Eisel is regarded as one of the best and most versatile klezmer clarinettists in Europe. There are only few musicians like him who are able to tell stories on their instrument, each of them born of the moment and addressed directly to their audience. 'Talking Clarinet' for the first time contains some of Helmut Eisel's improvisations. Faithfully transcribed, they allow fascinating insights into the current klezmer music and invite you to play these improvisations. The accompanying texts, exercises and music shall encourage you to find your own style and tell your own stories. For music is language, yet it says so much more. The volume is accompanied by an additional C part.